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Oscar Brunsvej 9.   3050 Humlebæk.  DK.   Tlf: 49191818

Just a hundred yards from Humlebæk station on the way to Louisiana lies

”Lind’s Kaffebar”.

The coffee shop is a charming mixture of nostalgia, art, good coffee

and a dash of Rock´n´roll.

All kinds of cakes and tarts are served - always inspired by the seasons.

Brunch and lunch plates. Sandwich. Wrap. Omelet. Today's pie.


Our philosophi is to serve honest food !


Everything within espresso, mocca, cocoa, tea, chai, exciting lemonades,

beer, vine, liquor and lots of other delicious things.


Gallery and shop presenting local artists.


Lind's Kaffebar is also the local Turistinspiration of Humlebæk.

Free wi-fi.



Tuesday - Sunday 10 AM - 6 PM ish.

Monday - Closed.


If Your soul needs a break - We have coffee and cake.

If You wanna feel younger - We have something stronger !